Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Brazilian Room & Claremont Hotel Wedding - Berkeley

This past 4th, I trekked up into the hills of Berkeley, CA to Tilden Park and shot Zaina & Lucian's wedding at the much-coveted Brazilian Room, with getting-ready photos at the Claremont Hotel.

It was a new experience, as most of the guests were from an Indian background. The wedding itself was not "traditional" per se, but there were a number of cultural staples (types of dress and dancing, namely).

Although I was a bit bummed to miss the fireworks show for the first time since I can remember, I still had loads of fun helping Zaina & Lucian celebrate their day. Here are a few samples:

Bride-to-be getting ready at the Claremont Hotel, Berkeley. 

Bride-to-be at the Claremont Hotel, Berkeley. 
Indian henna designs for bridesmaids.
Bride and Groom at the Brazilian Room, Berkeley.