Friday, December 7, 2012

Pearl Harbor Day - Capt. NG Lancaster

Today is the 71st anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. I'm kind of a WWII buff, but today is significant because my grandfather (Capt. Norman Lancaster) was serving on the USS Phoenix in Hawaii on the day of the attack. He also lived close to the Pentagon (could see it from his kitchen window in his high rise apartment building) and witnessed the Sept. 11th attacks as well. Both occurred around his breakfast time, so I used to joke that he's no longer allowed to eat breakfast.

He died last year just before turning 97, and is buried at Arlington Cemetery in Washington DC with my grandmother.

Thanks to him, and everyone that takes on the task of defending our country.

Grandpa (center)
Grandpa's ship (while he is aboard) sailing past the wreckage
Grandma & Grandpa (Florence and Norman Lancaster)
General McArthur aboard Grandpa's ship (USS Phoenix)
Capt. Norman G Lancaster
Funeral at Arlington National Cemetery last Fall. We (my family) in black on the left.

He is also in these segments on the History Channel about Pearl Harbor. In this one, he's at 1:12, 2:38, and a particularly chilling comment at 6:27:

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Holidays, Photos, and Festivities


Ok... so I did, in fact, neglect November. In my defense, I was busy with Thanksgiving (family in town), my birthday, a wedding to shoot & edit, and a few other activities.

Here's some fun stuff from the last month:

Sarah & Thomas had a beautiful wedding in Pleasant Hill, CA

Congrats to Sarah & Thomas

My brother and step brother came to visit for Thanksgiving. This is the "portrait" we took for our parents.

Keith had to shoot car stills for a project, so we took this Jaguar out to Treasure Island (across from San Francisco).

Our view of San Francisco when we were done with the shoot.

Ventured in to San Fran to the Aquarium. That's just a bunch of fish over my head.

...then my birthday happened. (FYI that's artwork I created for The Family Crest. Incredible group.)

Later on my birthday, at a city professionals meeting (hence the name tag). I don't know who's idea the cake was, but thank you! I also don't know why my eyes are ridiculously blue.

And it's only December 6th! We got a whole month ahead of stuff to do (if you know me, you know how much I love Xmas time). 

It's gonna get packed, so if you want to book something, you need to do it now! I have some trips to SoCal coming up, a wedding to shoot in San Francisco, a trip to Reno, a promo shoot to do, potentially a video project, various events to make appearances at, people to see, and that doesn't even include the shoots I'll be assisting Jen Cash with.

So speak up if you need me! Happy Holidays everyone.