Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas for 2011!

This has certainly been an interesting holiday season.

I'm headed to my parents' house in a bit for some Xmas eve cocktails and dinner, but I figured I'd wish my pals, clients, acquaintances (and anyone else who happens to stumble across this) a Merry Christmas!

Next week will be a fun one, as we head to Reno, NV to film the third installment of our "Gone Golfing" series... which is basically a movie about our adventures on a crappy golf course as we desperately try to make par. The last movie was 2003, so it's been almost nine years! Very much looking forward to it.

Speaking of Reno, here's a little photo of us sledding on Xmas weekend a couple of years ago. This canyon is our back yard... literally. Of course, the house isn't there anymore (see what happened to it) but that won't stop us from sledding there again! As soon as there's snow, anyway.

Sledding in our back yard in Reno, NV. Before the house burned down.
Be safe, eat food, drink some drinks, open some presents... 


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Holidays, Weddings, Parties, and General Merriment

Hi folks!

OK... what a crazy month. I had a clear calendar for basically all of November, which ended up being the perfect decision.

At the beginning of the month was Angela's birthday, then we headed to Gettysburg, PA for a week of relaxing and historical education with my mom and step-dad, topped off with a few days in Washington DC, then our family's house burned down in the 2,000-acre Caughlin fire up in Reno, then came Thanksgiving, then my birthday, then time to break out the decorations and get a Christmas tree!

With all the activity, it was nice to not have any "work" to do.  I say "work" because I love being a photographer, so it never really feels like work to me.

Some fun things coming down the pipeline soon, so I promise more of these posts will be actually related to photography.

Until then, get yourself into the holiday spirit with this lovely photo (taken by Keith Lancaster) of me, face-planted into the snow a couple of Christmases ago: