Thursday, September 30, 2010

Wedding at the Rotunda Building! Oakland, CA.

On the 18th, I had the distinct pleasure of traveling (with my "Lion" assistant) to the Rotunda Building in downtown Oakland, CA to shoot for Sarah & Derrick's wedding.

The room was beautiful, spacious, classy, and packed with good people and good music. The bride insisted that I finish a 6th glass of wine as sort of a wedding "gift" to her, so needless to say we were exhausted by the end of the night. But it was loads of fun!

Beautiful bride in the Rotunda building, Oakland.

the Rotunda wedding ceremony, Oakland.

Newlyweds! Rotunda building, Oakland.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Happy Body Slow Brain - Dreams of Water

Today is September 21st, and marks the release of Happy Body Slow Brain's debut record, "Dreams of Water". These ex- Taking Back Sunday fellows have created an incredible disc, and I am certainly proud to have contributed (promo photos, video teasers, and a "making the record" documentary).

Head on over to to purchase a copy, complete with all sorts of extras.

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mandy & Alan - The Brazilian Room & Claremont Hotel

Last Sunday I ventured back up to the Berkeley Hills to shoot for Mandy & Alan as they got married at the Brazilian Room. This wedding featured my buddy George (lovingly nicknamed "The Lion" by the wedding party) as my assistant. You'll see why if you scroll down...

Sooo much fun! The couple is lovely, their families were warm and inviting, and everyone (including us) just danced and laughed all night.

In case you were wondering, my style of shooting weddings involves suits & ties, some wine, and a lot of dancing and making people laugh. I am not the type of photographer to wear all black and stay creepily in the background... and my couples prefer the way I do things. I sometimes wonder if it's not terribly "professional", but I honestly believe it adds a level of comfort and fun for the couples' special day.

Not to mention I've had wedding guests seek me out to tell me how comfortable they were in front of the lens. I've also had guests take pictures of me for their own entertainment, and I often stay friends with the couples I shoot.

Anyway! Enjoy a few samples!

Bride & Groom at the Brazilian Room

Bride & Groom at the Brazilian Room

Bride & Groom at the Brazilian Room

("The Lion")