Friday, May 27, 2011

Being a San Francisco Bay Area Wedding Photographer

We all gotta eat. California is an expensive state. Wedding sites like The Knot cost money to advertise, rent costs money... hell, even just driving over that Bay Bridge into San Francisco costs $6 if you go at the wrong times (I'm based in Walnut Creek, so I use that stupid bridge a lot).

That being said, it's all easier to deal with when you love what you do. Being a wedding photographer is not all fun and games, but I try to make it very close to that. The brides and grooms that I work with tend to pick me because of things we share in common (personality, sense of humor, music tastes, etc). 

There's like, 1.2 billion wedding photographers in the Bay Area... give or take a few... so I am grateful that many couples find me and see the difference in how I work and what I do to make their day more enjoyable.

Thank you to all the wonderful couples I've been able to work with, and to those of you still shopping around: Hi! I'm Clay. I run Lancaster Photography. Have a look :)

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