Monday, May 7, 2012

Photo Shoot with The Memorials

I got a call a month or two ago from Thomas Pridgen (world-renowned drummer and formerly of the Mars Volta) that started off with him saying “I need you.” Not a bad gesture. His current band,The Memorials, needed some promo photos done for their new record Delirium (June 5th on iTunes).
After discussing some crazy ideas, we settled on a nighttime shoot in Berkeley, CA where we actually set up his drum kit outside on a dock in the marina. I brought my fellow photog Jen Cash with me to assist with lighting, and it was surely an interesting experience for us: setting up photo equipment in the cold, in the dark, on a dock, while the drummer of Mars Volta wails away on his kit for an audience of 6 or 7 onlookers who happened to be passing by.
Was a ton of fun, regardless. Thanks to everyone involved for putting up with the complications and making it happen!
Viveca Hawkins, Clay Lancaster, and Thomas Pridgen
The Memorials 2012. Photo by Clay Lancaster

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