Thursday, March 3, 2011

Eric Clapton - San Jose, CA

Braving all the "rain" that my iPhone claimed was supposed to occur last night, I hopped in the car and trekked to the San Jose Arena (also known as HP Pavilion, also known as The Shark Tank) to shoot the legendary Eric Clapton.

This was an interesting shoot for a few reasons.

  1. It's Eric Clapton.
  2. It was one of the biggest venues I had taken photos at.
  3. I had to shoot behind the soundboard.
  4. The soundboard was the farthest away I've ever attempted to shoot from.
  5. I left my killer 5D mkII camera at home, in favor of a little Rebel XTi so I could use the crop sensor to my advantage (with a 70-200L lens).
  6. I had to wait in a conference room with the other photographers shooting that night in between Los Lobos and Clapton.
  7. It's Eric Clapton.
Despite the hassles and not having the option to borrow a barrel of a lens, I got some killer shots.

Eric Clapton and his band. March 2nd, 2011. 03-02-2011.

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