Monday, April 28, 2014

Wedding Season 2014 Has Begun! Well, a while ago. But still.

Wow, I neglected this blog for a bit! Have you been waiting here long?

How is everyone's 2014 so far?

This year has been a funky one as far as schedules. I'm more booked than I ever have been, but all my bookings are crammed into a 6-month period this time. Usually it's bit more evenly distributed throughout the year.

So for me, wedding season is about 3 weeks into full swing... and it's gonna be a fun one. George is with me once again this year, and if you see these two photographer clowns at your event, you made a smart hiring decision:

George Woods and Clay Lancaster. Photo courtesy of the groom.
Obviously I do things other than weddings as well. Earlier this year I did some photos for my friends in a band called Black Map (made up of members of Dredg, The Trophy Fire, Far, and Crosses †††). Here's one from Bottom of the Hill:

Black Map (dredg, The Trophy Fire, Far)
Next up was Crosses at the Independent. The Deftones' Chino Moreno fronts this "new" group with members of dredg and Far, and they put on such a fun show. No photo pit at this venue, so I got knocked around quite a bit by the sold out crowd:

Chino Moreno of Crosses (and Deftones). Photo by Clay Lancaster. 

Crosses at the Independent in San Francisco. Photo by Clay Lancaster.
Much of early spring was spent on personal projects, taxes, and a trip to Las Vegas before all the weddings were scheduled to kick in. Now it's all started, and George and I are super excited to see all the wonderful faces that have us scheduled for 2014!


I'll leave you with some of my favorite shots so far:

San Francisco Zoo Wedding

Indoor ceremony at Murietta's Well. Livermore, CA.

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